Q+ Food v. Mitsubishi-Fuso Truck of America

Welcome to the Q+ Food v. MFTA Settlement Website

If you have owned or leased a 2012-2016 model year Mitsubishi-Fuso Canter truck, a Class Action Lawsuit may affect your rights.


Update 6/25/2018: The Claims Administrator has completed the initial review of claims. Before distribution can commence, a secondary review of claims for VINs which have been claimed by multiple Class Members with overlapping claimed dates of ownership must be completed by a Special Master, who will be appointed by the Court. This review is currently underway.

It is anticipated that checks will mail before the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018. If you would like to know the status of your claim, please contact the Settlement Administrator. Neither MFTA nor its authorized dealerships are involved with the claims administration or fund distribution.


You will be able to file a claim online beginning November 28, 2016. You can also download a paper claim form here, or at the Case Documents link above.
If you wish to obtain a spreadsheet of your Subject Vehicle information to enable you to submit a claim for a large number of vehicles, please contact the Settlement Administrator.


Your Rights and Options Regarding the Settlement

Do Nothing Do nothing. Release your right to sue MFTA and others.
See Question 18 in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to find out more about the release.
Submit a Claim for Compensation Submit a claim for compensation and if eligible, request a buyback of your Subject Vehicle. Release your right to sue MFTA and others.
See FAQ Question 3 for more information about settlement benefits and FAQ Question 9 for how to participate.
See FAQ Question 18 to find out more about the release.
Object to the Terms of the Settlement File an objection if you believe the settlement is unfair or inadequate.
More information about how to object is described in FAQ Question 12.
Exclude Yourself from the Settlement Opt out of the settlement. Receive no benefits from the settlement but retain your right to sue MFTA and others over the alleged defects.
See FAQ Question 11 for more information about how to opt out.


Important Dates

Opt-Out Deadline January 26, 2017 *
Objection Deadline January 26, 2017 *
Final Settlement Approval Hearing March 27, 2017
Claim Filing Deadline June 25, 2017

* Unless you received a Notice specifying a later date.